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On leaving Technical School I joined the Royal Navy and served for 12 years as a Marine Engineer.

After leaving the Navy I was four years as a Staff Engineering Chargehand supervising Trawler repair on Hull Fish Dock.

After a further four years as an Engineering Supervisor in a Birds Eye food factory I became an employed Technical Author with a local agency.

Becoming self employed in 1983 I have prepared hundreds of Technical manuals and literature for many large companies including Unilever (see Technical Documentation).

With advent of computers documentation was becoming to be prepared digitally. I was also involved in setting up a large knowledge base intranet for Unilever Ice Cream division.

Current Activities
I am still involved with publications

However, my main activity is designing and maintaining websites.

Mobile Friendly Websites
Website designers are being asked to make their sites "mobile friendly" so they can be viewed as used by mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

We are not convinced that it is possi
ble achieve this while still retaining the optimum screen layout as viewed on a normal PC monitor and are researching this issue.